Taos Pueblo in New Mexico タオス プエブロ ニューメキシコ州

img_0081New Mexico is one of my favorite place to visit. Santa fe is not only very artistic city but also there is many charming houses. But it is far place to visit from San francisco.

We spent 4 days to get there. Everyday ride a bike more than 8 hours. We like enjoying local street sometimes. We might miss many beautiful local monuments or events if we only drive on interstate. We love slow travel.




I think Many American states have each nature color.img_0080

For example

California: Dry Grass Green

Arizona: Red

Nevada: Black

Utah: Orange

Colorado: Green

And New Mexico is Sand Yellow.



Summer bike travel have some benefits. This is one of them. Easy to dry your cloths.






img_0149There is a small village call “Chimayo” in New Mexico between Santa fe and Taos. The village have two Native American family own waving shops. “ORTEGA” and “CENTINELA”.

ORTEGA is very traditional  waving shop. They strictly make Native American old school design items.

CENTINELA also old school design but they put some new idea on their arts. This time I wanted to custom order my original design vest so I went to CENTINELA.


There is many beautiful art pieces in the shop. They also have many color samples.I pick up beautiful hand dye natural indigo.

Natural indigo 

Taos pueblo is a housing complex. Yes, native Americans are still living in this building. There are some mismatching colorful doors on the building as you can see in the picture below. Some of the rooms are modified as shops for visitors.

Taos pueblo

We also stop by at 2nd mesa in Arizona. Where the small Hopi village is. One of very kind Hopi family invited us to their house. The house was build with concrete blocks, no windows, no doors and very hot inside. Hopi Grandma was waving beautiful basket by hand in the house. Hopi guy explained us about Hopi Kachina dolls.Their smile were the best ever.



Unreadable Hopi shop sign.