Thanksgiving day 2016

We had a very long summer in San francisco 2016. Finally winter came to our city since couple weeks ago. We have only 5 more weeks this year. This short trip might be the last in 2016.

Big sur sunset #1We went to Big Sur in California. It takes 3 to 4 hours from San francisco by a car. You can see beautiful land’s end view and wild nature around Big Sur. People love to go to Black Friday Sale after Thanksgiving day. We knew there is heavy traffic early morning on freeway. So we left my house afternoon. We had a lunch and gas stops on the way to get there so we made Big Sur right around sunset. It was very beautiful red sunset.

Big sur sunset #2

We started looking for camp sites after sunset. We checked couple National forest camp sites but there were all FULL!? Some of camp sites were even CLOSED. We decided to stop at private lodge for getting some local information.



At the front of lodge,

F: How can I help you?

I: We are planning to camp in this area but all camp sites were full, also many camp sites were even closed. Do you know why?

F: Yes, it’s because if huge fire.


F: We had huge fire last months therefore many place of National forests got damaged.


We don’t have a TV in my house so we only check news on laptop. There was no way I could get this information. Anyway, we have to find a place that we can camp tonight. We started to search private camp grounds and call and ask them if they have any available. Then my wife found one in mountain side. They only had 2 or 3 more available. We were very lucky. It was 8:30pm.


Outside was very dark when we got camp site. My wife started cooking dinner and I started open tent immediately. My wife’s outdoor cooking skill is miracle. She made Korean style bibimbap in 45 min.  We love Japanese and Asian food so she always cook rice even outdoor.

camp cookbibimbup #!We spend couple minutes in front of fire after dinner. Talking about 2017 summer vacation Alaska road trip plan.  Our quiet Thanksgiving night finished in California nature.

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